glossify.js is a jQuery plugin that transforms any image into a beautiful and colourful glossy sphere.

Download glossify.js v1.1


Using glossify.js couldn't be easier: just include the script and use some special attributes with any image you want to glossify. No need to call any script or initialize anything.


Step 1: include JQuery and glossify.js in your page

<script src="jquery.js"/>
<script src="glossify.js"/>

Step 2: every image you want to glossify just include the data-gloss attribute

<image src="html5.png" data-gloss/>


Changing the color is easy: just use the data-glosscolor attribute. If not provided, the default color is black.

<image src="html5.png" data-gloss data-glosscolor="#ff0000" width="75"/>

You can also change the alpha by using the data-glossalpha attribute. If not provided, the default alpha value is 1 (no transparency).

<image src="html5.png" data-gloss data-glosscolor="#ff0000" data-glossalpha="0.5" width="75"/>

JQuery API

glossify.js is also a JQuery plugin which can be called from your code to transform any image. For instance, to glossify the image whoose id is my_image just issue the following JQuery command:

$('#my_image').glossify({color: "#0000ff", alpha: 1})

More Examples

Images before glossify

After glossify

Cross Platform & Safe to Use with Older Browsers

Chrome Firefox Internet Explorer Opera Safari

glossify.js allows developers to create fantastic looking images across all modern desktop and mobile browsers. glossify.js uses HTML5 Canvas which is compatible with the latest Android and Apple iOS (iPhone/iPad) phones and tablets.

glossify.js is a jQuery plugin.

List of supported browsers:

glossify.js is safe to use with older browsers. If glossify.js is not supported by the browser then the original image will be displayed as fallback and your site will continue to work. No javascript errors will be thrown.

Known Limitations

Due to javascript security reasons, glossify.js will not work with images hosted on different domains.


You may use glossify.js under the terms of the MIT License. More information.